Visionchart Projection - Porcelain 1500 x 1200 Whiteboard With Free Magic Wipe

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If you have a standard whiteboard in your meeting room or classroom .. and use projectors on it .. it's time to update to the modern alternative ... Projection Porcelain.

A evolutionary matte grey porcelain surface with 60% less gloss than standard vitreous enamel whiteboards.

Project with brilliant clarity ... and ideal for annotating and writing over the projected image.

  • VISIONCHART 'Standard' aluminium frame .. with concealed wall fixings.
  • The strength of a porcelain whiteboard .. with the benefits of a projection screen.
  • Consider Projection Porcelain if 80% of your needs are projection and 20% are writing.
  • Consider our standard porcelain board if your needs are 80% writing and 20% projection.
  • Our Projection Porcelain whiteboards offer a low glare solution which is ideal to work with short throw interactive projectors.
  • 60% less gloss than our porcelain whiteboards.
  • Eliminates 'hot spots' on the screen.
  • Durable - 20 year guarantee.
  • Matte light grey surface (magnetic).
  • For best erasing results .. use our MAGIC WIPE.

Multi-purpose Whiteboard and Projection Screen Combined. Projection Porcelain whiteboards offen an ideal alternative to projection screens. The surface is a matt projection screen made from vitreous enamel steel and offers 60% less sheen than a traditional whiteboard. The projection whiteboard is used for applications where the board is 80% used for projection purposes and 20% for writing purpose.

The main advantage of a whiteboard projection screen is the ability to annotate over the projected images and erase after a meeting or event.

With the Projection whiteboard predomiately used for projection usage, the cleaning of the surface is slighlty differnet to a standard whiteboard surface. We recommend the wet wiping Magic Wipe cloth. By cleaning with the damp magic wipe the projection whiteboard surface is guaranteed to offer a long service life of 20 years.

Please download the Uses and Maintenance PDF