HDI Interactive Whiteboard 16:10 (Wall-mount or Stand)

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HDI Interactive Whiteboard 16:10 (Wall-mount or Stand)

The HDi Interactive Whiteboard 16:10 includes infra red multi-touch technology to allow users to operate it via intuitive and straightforward gesture-recognition tools. As with all HDi interactive whiteboards, the 16:10 model offers a minimum of four points of touch anywhere on the board. Its user-friendly design is aimed at students and presenters of all ages and the touch functionality works with both human fingers and stylus.

The HDi 16:10 board works with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems and requires no software drivers or firmware updates to use. Users can simply plug the board into a computer via USB and instantly access all features and functionality. 

This model is available in two sizes, namely 86-inch and 92-inch, with both offering an aspect ratio of 16:10. The 86-inch model measures 190cm by 120cm and the 92-inch model measures 200cm by 126cm.

The HDi Interactive 16:10 Whiteboard also features sturdy, anti-warping construction, including a solid steel back and scratch-resistant whiteboard surface. The surface is also marker-pen friendly, allowing the board to be used as a regular whiteboard with residue-free cleaning and offers a crisp projection surface with low glare and enhanced colour. All HDi interactive whiteboard models ship with mounted brackets to allow for easy installation onto a trolley, stand or wall.

Key features:

  • 16:10 aspect ratio
  • IR multi-touch functionality
  • Up to 4 points of touch
  • Can be used as a normal whiteboard
  • Low glare projection surface

    PDF Data sheets 86 Inch
    PDF Data sheets 92 Inch