Epson Interactive Business Projectors

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The MeetingMate is a multi-purpose Epson interactive projector designed to be an alternative to standard and electronic whiteboards. It allows users to turn any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard and help increase productivity and collaboration in any office or business environment.  

Users are able to save and disseminate their work by USB, email or external printer and the MeetingMate requires no computer, user training or additional software to operate. Up to 50 pages can be saved digitally on the projector and it can display content from iPhone, iPad and Android devices via the Epson iProjection App. Content created on the digital whiteboard can also be annotated and shared by users on mobile devices, PCs and MeetingMate projectors, both locally and remotely.

The Epson interactive projectors also feature 3,300 lumens colour and light output.  The MeetingMate also offers HDMI and wireless connectivity, as well as serving as a split screen video conference display to allow the interactive projector content to be visible alongside the video conference.

The MeetingMate Epson Interactive Projector is available as both the EB-1420Wi and EB-1430Wi models, with the latter also offering touch-based interactivity. This allows up to six users to draw, select and interact with the projector via touch and common gestures.  

  • Revolutionize Your Whiteboard — Turn any wall, flat surface or existing dry-erase board interactive; turn on the projector and start writing using the included pens.
  • Touch-Based Interactivity — Enable as many as six participants to touch, draw, select and interact using intuitive and familiar gestures. (Only available on the EB-1430Wi)
  • Easy to Use — MeetingMate is a standalone solution — no computer, software or training is required, so you can operate with ease.
  • Capture, Save and Share — No need to transcribe whiteboard notes or take a photo; press a button to save, print or email directly from your MeetingMate.
  • Extensive Whiteboard Space — Save up to 50 digital pages; no need to erase for more space, just add a new page.
  • Whiteboard Sharing — Content written digitally can be shared and annotated on simultaneously by both local and remote participants collaborating from mobile devices1, computers and other MeetingMates.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) — Using the Epson iProjection™ App, wirelessly share and display content from iPhone®, iPad®and Android™1 devices to MeetingMate projectors.
  • Dynamic Video Conferencing Display — Connect video conferencing equipment for a large 100" display; use Split Screen2 to simultaneously display people and content side by side.
    MeetingMate EB-1420Wi MeetingMate EB-1430Wi
    Multi-Function Interactive Projector Multi-Function Interactive Projector
    Ultra Short Throw Ultra Short Throw
    WXGA Resolution WXGA Resolution
    3,300 Lumens Light Output 3,300 Lumens Light Output
    3,300 Lumens Colour Light Output 3,300 Lumens Colour Light Output
    PC Free Whiteboard function Touch based interactivity - up to 6 users
    PC Free annotation PC Free Whiteboard function
    Whiteboard Sharing PC Free annotation
    Intuitive control pad for easy operation Whiteboard Sharing
    Simultaneous Multi-User functionality Intuitive control pad for easy operation
    Network: Monitor / Control / Projection / Interactivity Simultaneous Multi-User functionality
    Integrated mount included Network: Monitor / Control / Projection / Interactivity
    HDMI connectivity Integrated mount included
    Wireless connectivity HDMI connectivity
      Wireless connectivity