Panasonic UB-5335 61" 2 Screen Eco Plain Paper Panaboard

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***Please note Panasonic have discontinued all there models of Panaboards.

We sell the PLUS Range of boards in 2 models: PLUS M18 and PLUS M18W boards.***

Panasonic UB-5335 61" 2 Screen Eco Plain Paper Panaboard

One of the models in the Panasonic range of electronic whiteboards, the UB-5335 Panaboard is a dual-screen whiteboard with built-in black and white printer. It gives users the option of PC or USB 2.0 connectivity to allow whiteboard notes and other content to be saved as a digital image file and shared throughout the office. Alternatively, users can directly print their notes via a convenient A4 printer with a scanning speed of approximately 15 seconds per sheet.

As with the rest of the Panaboard range of whiteboards, the UB-5335 features a slim, lightweight design to allow it to be stored and moved with minimal disruption. It also features the auto power off functionality of all Panasonic whiteboards to help reduce energy usage. The dual screens measure 90cm by 126cm and the entire board measures 133cm by 137cm. The whiteboard has a thickness of 7cm to allow for it to be mounted onto a wall or other surface. 

The board also features Panaboard Overlayer Software to allow users to display content from a projector or PC onto the surface of the board, which can then be edited or added to using whiteboard marker. The board also ships with wall mount brackets and customers can purchase an optional stand.

  • 61" Electronic Whiteboard
  • Screen Dimensions (mm): 900 x 1262
  • Board Dimensions (mm): 1334 x 1372 x 212 (H x W x D)
  • PC/USB memory device and built-in A4 printer
  • Input Panel Dimensions: 900 x 1,262 mm
  • Slim body with a user-friendly interface
  • Energy saving design with Auto Power Off function
  • Whiteboard can be used as a projection screen. Use to overlay videos or critical information during meetings
  • Includes wall mount brackets. The stand (14UE-608005) is optional and must be purchased separately
  • Warranty : 1 Year

This product is no longer available*


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