Panasonic Black & White Electronic Whiteboard Range

Panasonic Black & White Electronic Whiteboard Range

Electronic Whiteboard Sales have a commitment to providing our clients and customers with the best in industry-standard audio visual equipment and services. Given our decade of experience in offering professional audio visual solutions, we understand which products are suitable and appropriate for the demands of our clients.

Electronic whiteboards are one of the many products we offer, and they’re a handy interactive visual tool that is ideal for meetings, offices, and other presentations. Regarding electronic whiteboards, InHouse Audio Visual are proud to stock the complete range of Panasonic Black and White Electronic Panaboards, which give our clients some impressive and versatile options when looking for an electronic whiteboard.

Panasonic UB-5865 73" Wide 2 Screen Executive Plain Paper Panaboard
A large, two-screen whiteboard with a built-in printer, the UB-5865 offers clever functionality and sleek design. The unit is compatible with Panaboard Overlay Software and allows users to print their notes, or save them as a PDF or TIFF via a PC or USB drive.

The lightweight frame and user-friendly, energy-saving design make it a versatile visual tool perfect for offices or audiences of any size. As with most models in the Panasonic range, it comes with a one-year warranty and wall-brackets for variable display options, although the stand is an optional extra.

Panasonic UB-5365 61" 2 Screen Executive Plain Paper Panaboard
Another two-screen panaboard in the Panasonic electronic whiteboard range, the UB-5365 is the compact cousin of the UB-5865, with a convenient 61-inch screen and sturdy frame. It packs all the interactivity and compatibility features of the larger model, including built-in printer and the ability to save your notes as PDFs and TIFFs via PC and USB. It also comes with a one-year warranty and energy-saving design.

Panasonic UB-5335 61" 2 Screen Eco Plain Paper Panaboard
Like the UB-5365, The UB-5335 model is a compact two-screen whiteboard that measures 61-inches diagonally. Like other Panasonic models, it is compatible with the Panaboard Overlay Software and can, therefore, be used as a projector screen, giving it added usability during meetings and presentations and comes with an automatic power off function. It also comes with an A4 printer and USB/PC connectivity and a slim, durable metal frame.

Panasonic UB-5835 73" Wide 2 Screen Eco Plain Paper Panaboard
The UB-5835 is a wide, two-screen electronic whiteboard with screens that measure 90cm by 162.5cm. It offers PC, USB, and Panaboard Overlay Software compatibility, as well as an eco-paper A4 printer and auto off mode. It can be used as a projector screen to allow users to overlay video content or other data during a meeting or presentation.

Panasonic UB-7325 65" 4 Screen Executive Plain Paper Panaboard
A premium, four-screen whiteboard with durable, metallic design, the UB-7325 model has the whiteboard, printer and scanner capabilities in a compact frame. Users can save their notes as BMP, TIFF, PNG and PDF files or print them via a fast A4 printer, which prints at 15 seconds per sheet.

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