Networkable Electronic Whiteboards

Networkable Electronic Whiteboards

Plus Networkable Electronic Whiteboard

Along with our range of Panasonic black-and-white and colour electronic whiteboards, we are proud to offer our customers the latest in cutting-edge whiteboard technology, such as the Plus N-20S Electronic Copyboard, which offers network capability and the ability to save data via internal memory.

As with all varieties of electronic whiteboard, the Plus N-20S is a highly valuable communication tool that is ideal for office meetings, conferences and other public presentations. Where the Plus electronic whiteboard differs from conventional electronic whiteboards is in its sharing and connectivity features, making it an industry-leading option for those looking to get the most out of their whiteboard.

The Plus N-20S whiteboard allows you to save your copyboard data directly onto the board’s built-in internal memory, which can hold approximately 100 pages of data. Users can also save their files via the USB port or use it connect to a PC and save their data there. The PC connection is a simple process and requires no additional software and data can be saved as PDF, JPG or PNG image files.

Copyboard functions can also be controlled via Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android smartphone using the Meeting Pocket App. Users can scan the contents of the board onto their device, which will also be shared to anyone else in the room with the Meeting Pocket App for extra convenience and accessibility.

The Plus N-20S can also connect to a network using an Ethernet cable and data can then be saved to an FTP server. Using an assigned IP address, your team can access the images on the board from their computers using a web browser and customers have the ability to password protect this data for security purposes.

The Plus N-20S includes two writing panels, which each measure 127cm by 89cm and comes with a set of four colour whiteboard markers, eraser, power adapter and 9-ft USB cable for convenient, long-range connectivity. It has a lightweight, durable design with the option for wall mounting or partition mounting displays to suit different office designs and sizes. It’s also compatible with a range of colour inkjet printers and customers have the ability to purchase an optional stand for greater mobility and ease of transport.

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