Panasonic Executive Metal Finish VS Standard Plastic Finish

Panasonic Executive Metal Finish VS Standard Plastic Finish

When it comes to selecting the best electronic whiteboard, it’s important to consider your requirements in terms of intended type of use, location, size and features. Whilst these are all common factors to keep in mind, design is also a key component when selecting an electronic whiteboard.

Electronic whiteboards are primarily visual communication tools that allow users to engage and involve their audience, as well as save data for later dissemination. The Panasonic electronic whiteboard range offers models in both metal and plastic finish and each design material offers a number of different aesthetic and functionality benefits.

Panasonic Executive Metal Finish
One of the design types available on the Panasonic electronic whiteboard range, the executive metal finish employs a low-profile whiteboard body to help save space, as well as an easy-to-use control panel. The elegant metal frame of the executive range make them ideal for any professional or office settings and offer both functionality and aesthetic quality.

When working in a professional environment, the executive metal finish gives your whiteboard presentations a sophisticated authority and promise durability and stability when in use. An example of the executive metal finish is the Panasonic UB-5365 61" 2 Screen Executive Plain Paper Panaboard, which comes with a two-screen display and built-in printer.

Panasonic Standard Plastic Finish
For more practical or everyday use, the Panasonic standard plastic finish offers customers a lightweight, durable frame to give their electronic whiteboard added mobility and ease of use.

If you intend to regularly move or adjust your electronic whiteboard, the plastic frame may be the ideal choice as it is easily transportable, compact and sturdy. Whilst the executive metal finish may have a more elegant design, the plastic finish is a great candidate for home offices, presentations and other working environments where ease of use is important.

The Panasonic UB-5335 61" 2 Screen Eco Plain Paper Panaboard is one model with the standard plastic finish, boasting a slim, light design with built-in printer and PC/USB connectivity, as well as the ability to be used as a projector screen, making it a versatile visual tool for offices of any size.

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