Colour Electronic Whiteboards

Colour Electronic Whiteboards

Panasonic Colour Electronic Panaboards

Electronic whiteboards have proven to be enduringly useful visual aides for businesses and individuals throughout both Australia and the rest of the world. They make for ideal communication tools in the office and other public environments and the current Panasonic electronic whiteboard models are no exception.

Electronic Whiteboard Sales offer our customers an extremely competitive selection of electronic whiteboards to suit any budget, use or location. We sell the complete range of Panasonic Colour Electronic Panaboards, as well as a number of other whiteboard product ranges and services.

The ability to use colour in your whiteboard presentation is another effective tool in successfully communicating and sharing information with your audience, so if you’re in the market for an electronic whiteboard, it’s worth taking a looking at our Panasonic Colour Electronic Panaboards. They offer users the ability to save their work as digital files in full colour, which can then later be shared or printed.

Panasonic UB-5838C 76" Wide 2 Screen Colour SD Card / USB Key Panaboard

An executive-level whiteboard, the UB-5838C boasts a 76-inch dual screen display that allows users to save their work in full colour via USB drive, SD memory card or using a PC. The panel measures 84cm by 174cm and comes with a red, black and blue whiteboard marker, eraser and wall brackets for convenient display options.

It also comes with a one-year warranty and customers have the ability to purchase an optional whiteboard stand for added usability and mobility.

Panasonic UB-5338C 64" 2 Screen Colour SD Card / USB Key Panaboard

The UB-5338C is the other full-colour electronic whiteboard offering from Panasonic and includes the same convenient features as the UB-5838C model. It comes with the same range of whiteboard markers, eraser and wall mounts, as well as a compact 64-inch two screen display that both measure 84cm by 138cm.

Users can save their notes and displays in full colour as digital files via USB, SD card or PC connection and the board comes with a one-year warranty.


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